The importance of a website on the growth and development of various businesses, including e-commerce and even non-e-commerce, is not hidden from anyone today. There was a time when only internet activities needed a website, but today with the spread of the internet, every business activity needs a website to increase its efficiency.

But of course, having a site on its own and without following some principles can not have much effect on improving the business. A site is effective for your business when it has parameters as an efficient site. In the following, we will introduce some of these parameters.

1- Purposeful website

First of all, it is better to know the purpose and need of having a website. Defining goals can give us an overview of site design and management.
For example, a company designs a website to introduce and sell its products.
Therefore, the characteristics of each product should be beautifully and simply available to the user.
The user of this site should be able to easily order and buy the product they want, and so on.

2- Good appearance – ease and simplicity in reading content

The first thing that catches the user’s attention when entering a website is the design and appearance of the website (UI Design). Users prefer to extract the content they need from websites whose appearance makes them feel good. A website that does not look good can not keep the user for a long time, and this, in addition to reducing the useful performance of the website, will cause problems such as a decrease in the ranking of the website in search engines.

Good design, in addition to adhering to the principles of World Design Day, needs to be responsive. Today, a large percentage of Internet users browse websites with a variety of tools, including tablets and mobile phones. Responsive design displays the correct form of website appearance on various devices including PCs, tablets, mobile phones, and more.

3- Security

The issue of security is also one of the broad and very important issues of a website. You may have considered all the factors of a good website in creating your website, even work on the website for a while and achieve good results, but if the security of your website is not good, there is a possibility of disruption in the website and wasting all your efforts. Be. Therefore, it is necessary to consider and apply security factors as much as possible from the beginning of creating a website.

In addition to maintaining website security, user security is also very important. Users choose a website that ensures their information is completely secure. One of the things that give this reassurance

The user claims to use the SSL (https Security Protocol) certificate on the website addresses. Using this protocol, the exchange of information between the user and the server is done in code and the security of users’ information is greatly increased.

4- content

Of course, the main reason for launching a website is to direct users to the website who are looking for the content they want. Naturally, content production is unique, useful, creative and engaging. Copying content from other websites, in addition to not satisfying users, is also considered as a negative factor in search engine rankings.

Website content needs to be updated regularly at regular intervals. Dynamics can be one of the reasons for the success of your website.

5- Loading speed

This factor is also very important in the efficiency of the website. Users want their site to load in less than 5 seconds. If it takes longer than this, the user may even stop watching your website, and no matter how much the look and content of the website is user-friendly, it will still not make a difference.
One of the reasons for launching a website is that it is not possible to communicate with the user in person 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But the website provides this feature so that you can communicate with your users without any space or time limit. Uptime means when your site is available to everyone on the internet. A good site has close to 100% uptime. One moment of unavailability of your website can cost you as much as losing several customers.

6- SEO

SEO means optimizing a website for search engines. Website optimization for search engines is a low cost and highly rewarding investment. Many factors affect the SEO of a website. All of the above can also improve website SEO if the function is correct. Among the mentioned factors, content, uptime,7- Proper hosting and site loading speed have a great impact on SEO.

Placing your site keyword on the first page of search engines ensures the success of your website.

7- Proper hosting

Hosting refers to the space on which your website information is placed. If you want security, site loading speed, you should choose a good hosting to set up your website. A good hosting, in addition to establishing the above for you, will also have good support for your hosting service. Resolving potential server-related problems is one of the tasks of the hosting provider, and if your service is properly supported, potential problems can be fixed as well as minimized.