Responsive website design (RWD) is a website design process that makes web pages look good on a variety of devices and screens. The content, design, and function of all devices are the same.

In recent years, due to the increasing use of smart devices and mobile phones, responsive website design has become very important. Today, more than half of website traffic is through mobile phones. Also, since 2015, Google has declared Responsive Website Design (RWD) as one of the ranking factors.

Here are some responsive tips to help you make your website better

1- A responsive site must have at least three skins for browser bandwidth.

  • Small: less than 768 pixels. This size is for most phones.
  • medium: 768 to 992  pixels. This size is for most tablets, some large cell phones, and small computers such as notebooks.
  • Large: More than 992 pixels. This size is for desktop PCs.

2- Do not design for the latest mobile devices with special screen dimensions. Instead, design your site according to your content. How the elements work on the desktop and how these elements display in phones and tablets.

3- Flexible images are essential for designing a responsive website: You need to think about the size of the photos. How it looks on the screen of a large desktop computer or a tablet or a mobile phone. Codes allow images to be scaled according to the percentage of browser window width.

4- Mobile navigation is important: There are several common ways to create menus and content. It can be in the form of a hamburger menu or a simple drop-down menu, or you can use horizontal tabs like YouTube.

5- Gestures create new possibilities for design: People love to read by touching with their hands and interacting with content. On mobile phones and tablets, users can zoom in on images or slides. Interaction greatly affects the design.

6- Website Browser: Try to use multiple browsers to view the website. Install several different browsers to get a good range of feedback. Then start resizing the browser.

7- Mobile devices: Your mobile phone is a useful tool for previewing your designs. To show exactly what your website has in certain circumstances.